Welcome to the Labour and Delivery Nursing Care unit of the Maternity Series.

This resource consists of nine learning modules and a simulation game (“game”) related to labour and delivery nursing care.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Articulate and demonstrate an understanding of key concepts of a comprehensive assessment on both mother and baby throughout childbirth.
  • Assess the learning and support needs of the mother and family.
  • Participate in providing nursing care for a mother and her family during childbirth, as part of the healthcare team.
  • Identify and respond to anticipated variations during childbirth as part of the healthcare team.
  • Promote family interaction with and responsiveness to the newborn baby.
  • Provide nursing care that reflects understanding of the physiological and psychological processes and challenges that can occur during childbirth.


When you are ready to test your comprehension, the game promotes the application of knowledge and skills related to nursing care in a labour and delivery unit.

After completing the simulation game, if not attending an organized debrief, make sure you download and complete the self-debriefing questions to optimise your learning experience.

Learning Modules